is it weird that the kawaii tag on my blog is making me feel better

because like

what the fuck was i doing with that

Definitely making a new blog.

Send me an ask if you want the link.

gensing replied to your post: Guys I can’t handle all this Kabuto stuff because

‘hayate problems’

Not only do I monopolize the entire tag for them, but it was even important enough to make it to the list of tags on my blog.

Guys I can’t handle all this Kabuto stuff because

all it makes me think about is the time Hayate discovered Kabuto and Baki and their plans to betray the Leaf sob sob sob I KNOW THAT WAS WAY LONG AGO BUT IDC I JUST LOVE HAYATE SO MUCH OKAY

Also I have this theory that the only reason he died was because he was just too cute to live I mean come on just look at what happened to MinaKush—


Hey, that’s a pretty cool image you’ve got there.

Shame about the typeface you chose.









Ridiculously Photogenic Guy on Good Morning America (now that’s what I call news)

Tumblr is now the best agent you could possibly have.


Oh my god, I love him

i just love him

just fought to hard not to squealdfjhbsdf

fjdslkaj what a darling

oh god he’s precious

so adorable!


YARHAR! 2 versions hehe

pc sux

volderpmort replied to your post: volderpmort replied to your link: U.S. sues Apple,…

BOOOOOOOO ok im not an apple fangirl, i just own an apple computer. and an old ipod, so i shan’t defend them. BUT PC SUCKS GONADS